Android App Development Certification Training

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Introduction to Android Development

•    Basics of Android 
•    Android Architecture 
•    Android Studio Setup 
•   Modifying project parameters in Android Studio and Gradle   build files, 
•  Adding dependencies in Android Studio and Gradle build files,DDMS,
•    Activity Lifecycle, 
•    Event Listener


Android Layouts, Widgets and Implementing Event Receivers

•    LinearLayout
•    RelativeLayout - Adding a widget to the user's home screen and updating active home screen widgets
•    FrameLayout 
•    TableLayout 
•    WebView
•    CheckBox 
•    RadioButtons, Spinner 
•    AutoCompleteTextView 
•    CardView, TimePicker 
•    DatePicker Dialog,
•    BroadcastReceivers (System & Custom)
•    LocalBroadcastManager


Activities, Intents, Fragments and Notifications

•   Activities - Persisting application state during configuration changes and creating activity hierarchies, Fragments, 
•   Explicit and Implicit intents - Navigating between activities using intents,
•   Using NotificationCompact to Show Notifications - UsingPendingIntentto package and send a delayed action, 
•   Services for executing background work, 
•   UsingJobSchedulerfor syncs and periodic tasks, and Scheduling time-sensitive tasks with alarms Customizing Widgets and Constructing Option Menu

•  GridView, ListView - Building layouts using XML and Java code and Grouping common UI design elements with styles, 
• RecyclerView - Handling item touch interactions in a RecyclerView, 
•  DrawerLayout - Providing alternative resources for device configuration changes,
•   Canvas & Paint - Customizing the application theme, 
•  Extending framework UI components to create custom views and validating application layouts properly respond to accessibility events, 
•  Constructing Option menus for action bar navigation
Storage, Media and Animations

•  Internal & External File Storage, haredPreference - Creating settings UI using the preferences framework and reacting to changes in a Shared Preferences instance
•  MediaPlayer & VideoView, Tween Animation
•  View Property Animation
•  FrameAnimation



•  An overview of SAS
•  Application of SAS,
•  SAS Environment, 
•  Interface, Componnents, 
•  SAS Libraries, 
•  Programs, 
•  Data Step, 
•  Proc Step, 
•  Key Concepts - Data Set, 
•  Descriptor, 
•  Portion, 
•  Data Portion, 
•  Observation, 
•  Variables etc.


Location and Google Map

•  Fetch Users Current Location, 
•  Reverse Geocoding using Geocoder, 
•  MapFragment, Showing Current Location on Map, 
•  Showing Markers on Map, 
• Exploring different Map Types Animated Zooming using Camera


Database Framework and Third Party Libraries

•  Using SQLiteOpenHelper - Accessing static bundled data in assets (e.g. premade databases, config files), 
•  SQLite Data Types, 
•  Maping between Table & Widgets using CursorAdapters, 
•  Async CursorLoader , 
•  Palette for extracting colors from images,
•  Picasso for Image Loading & Caching,
•  ButterKnife for Injecting Views,
•  TimesSquare for showing CalendarView, Cupboard for ORM
Localization, Sensors and Social Media Integration

•  Localization, 
•  Facebook Integration, 
•  Dropbox Integration, 
•  Google Drive Integration, 
•  Exploring Android Sensors


End-to-End App Development & Publishing

•  Debugging Applications, 
•  End to End App Development including writing and executing automated unit tests on the local JVM, 
•  Writing and executing automated instrumentation tests on an Android device, 
•  Using the system log output (andlogcattools) to trace code execution, 
• Locating an error from the stack trace of an uncaught exception and using Strict Mode to locate and report threading violations and leaks, 
•  Using Proguard to obfuscate applications, 
•  Generating Signing Keys, 
•  Publish the application on Google Play Store (Live Demo), 
•  Doubts & QueriesUsing Proguard to obfuscate applications

Complimentary sessions on communication presentation and leadership skills.

Benefits from the course

Mode of Teaching

Live Interactive

  • This course is designed to help you to become a top mobile app developer.
  • Android is fast becoming one of the biggest platforms for programmers today.There is a huge demand for skilled Android developers all over the world.
  • Most businesses across multiple domains are building Android Apps both for enterprise and retail products.
  • Whether you are student or in the IT industry, possessing Android Development skills will help you take the next big leap in your career.
  • As a part of this course, you'll develop your own mobile applications under the guidance of our expert instructors to give you a hands-on experience.




  • Basic knowledge of Object Orientated Programming Language.
  • Knowledge of Objective C, Java, JavaScript will add more value.


  • Basic knowledge of Object Orientated Programming Language.
  • Knowledge of Objective C, Java, JavaScript will add more value.

Course Duration:

30 Hours

Class Hours:

2 Hours Day time slots or 3 Hours week end Slots (May change)

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