Advanced Certificate in Digital Marketing

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Module 1

 Digital Marketing

• Introduction to digital marketing

• Traditional Marketing vs. Digital Marketing

• Scope and career opportunity in Digital marketing. Principles of Digital Marketing

• B2B Marketing, C2B Marketing, C2C Marketing Digital Marketing process

• AIDA funnel

• Important Digital Marketing strategies

• Lead generation, micro and macro conversion Step to increasing visibility

• How to increase traffic

• How to develop perfect retention Marketing strategy

 Website planning and creation using WordPress

• Introduction Types of websites

• Difference between internet and website, Awareness about network

• What is domain and how to buy it, what is hosting, Types of hosting, different hosting services

• What is WordPress and how to install it

• How to create pages, posts, menu in WordPress

• How to insert themes and layouts, Use of plugins and its installation, Content development payment gateway and website security, planning website

Module 2

 Search Engine Optimization SEO

• Introduction to search engine optimization SEO, Concept of search engine optimization, how you can leverage key techniques to improve your website’s organic ranking on search engine results pages (SERPS) to drive more traffic.

• Key terminology and technical insights necessary to cultivate an effective SEO strategy, the method of increasing traffic to a website, enhancing website rank on a search engine, taking steps so that a particular website will be seen higher up on an internet search, enhancing the quality of content on the webpage,

• Keyword Research and Planning

Key concepts of search engine optimization, what are keywords, why to search Keywords, Keyword Research and Selection, what are content updates and layouts, what is Search Results & its Positioning, what are the Benefits of Search Position

• ON-Page Optimization

Website Structure Optimization, Content optimization, image optimization, what are Met Tags, what are the advantages of providing meta tags, how meta tags helps optimization, creation and optimization, Rich media, Content Layout, SSL Certification, Images and videos, Number of words in content, Local SEO, Page speed, Robots.txt

• Technical SEO

Html code optimization, Iframes / Frames effects on SEO, What is the Process behind SEO, what is meant by Customer? Insights, how to analyses and review the process, LSI keywords, Localization, URL redirection, SEO Site Map, site map creation, Ranking, RSS feed generation,

• OFF-Page Optimization

Directory submission, Inbound Links & Link Building, book Marking, social Networking Profiles creations, Social Networking

Profile Optimizations, Content Sharing Optimization, Video Optimizations, Blogging, Blog Optimization, Authority building, Trust building, Relationship building, Mentions, Tagging, Profile

optimization, Profile building

Module 3

 Search Engine Marketing SEM

• Introduction

• Importance of Pay- Per-Click Advertising (PPC), how it can be used to effectively drive quality traffic to your website, effective theory and practical applications, how to strategize and converting working model

• How to analyze data, how to analyze new trends and patterns in marketing, having all the knowledge and understanding on content, conversion optimization, Click Through Rate (CTR), relevance of keywords, landing page quality and relevance, ad text relevance, historical ad word account performance

• Keyword match types in ad words/ ads

• what is broad match, what is broad match modifier, what is phrase match, exact match, negative match, how AdWords really works

• What are extensions, use of extensions, site link extension, call out extension, call extension, message extension, structured snippet extension, location, price, app extensions • Google Ads- campaign creation

• How to plan AdWords to get maximum ROI (Return of Investment). What is keyword planner, how to plan keywords, key word match types, what is remarketing or audience retargeting, benefits of remarketing,

• Tools for Google ads (editing or tools:

• Adobe Photoshop, Canva, banner stack)

 Web Analytics

• Introduction to web analytics, importance of website analysis, content for it to maximize inbound traffic how to improve presence on your website, all about tracking and analyzing your

websites and applications

• How to set up accounts, views and permissions, how to apply analytics tracking across website, the importance of aligning business KPIs (Key Performance Indicator) with your analytics goal configuration

• How to utilize the features of Google Analytics to develop a detailed profile of target audience (location, demographics, technology, devices, and interests)

• what is Goal Set-up Account Set-up, what is Analytics Code, Analytics Code, Analytics Profiles, and Goal Configuration

• Funnels, Audience, Dashboard, Technology, Advertising,

• Traffic Sources, Scheduling & Delivery, Bounce Rate, Site

Speed, Site Search, Events, Conversions,

• Reporting,

• Real Time Reporting, Intelligence Reporting, Customized


Module 4

 Affiliate marketing

• Introduction, what is Affiliate Marketing, SEO, Copywriting

• Affiliate in Amazon, Click bank, CPA,

• Cloaking your Land page with tracking links

• Creating campaigns to track Ads

• Adding customers Domains with CNAME

• Learn How to Make Money Online with and Without a Website,

• Free Online Traffic, Keyword Research, Monetize Your Online Presence. Sharing your Reports with Clients & Partners

• Referring Users to Earn more clicks per month

 E- mail marketing

• E-mail Marketing

• How to use E-mail as a communication Tool

• Effective online E-mail marketing Primary features

• The concern Audience of your Email

• Crafting a Powerful Email Message

• Personalize Email Message Strategies

• Business Email Etiquette Marketing Tips

• Email Open Rates and CTR

• How to Create a Campaign in MailChimp

• Email Marketing Analytics

Complimentary sessions on communication presentation and leadership skills.

Benefits from the course

Mode of Teaching

Live Interactive

 Increasing your efficiency

 Enhancing your skills and a Wide Range of Career Options

 Expanding your knowledge and Creativity

 Discover the Professional in You

 Better Salary (Most Fascinating Advantage of Digital Marketing Course)

 Embark your own Career

 Cost-Efficient and Time-savvy

 Digital Marketing Certifications Have Become the Industry Standard


Course Duration:

75 Hours

Class Hours:

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