IoT Certification Training on Azure

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Introduction to Internet of Things


•    What is IoT, how does it work
•    Difference between Embedded device and IoT device
•    Properties of IoT device
•    IoT Ecosystem
•    IoT Decision Framework
•    IoT Solution Architecture Models
•    How IoT is Transforming Businesses
•    Major IoT Boards in Market
•    Explore Raspberry Pi


Setting up Raspberry Pi and Sensors (Sense HAT Board)


•    Setting up Raspberry Pi
•    Showing working of Raspberry Pi using SSH Client and Team Viewer
•    Understand Sensing actions
•    Understand Actuators and MEMS


Creating Solutions with Raspberry Pi and Sense HAT Board


•    Build weather station using Sense HAT and Python
•    Prepare google spreadsheet for weather data collection
•    Understand OpenCV


IoT Communication Protocols


•    Types of wireless communication
•    Major wireless Short-range communication devices, properties, comparison of these devices (Bluetooth, WIFI, ZigBee, 6LoWPAN)
•    Major wireless Long-range communication devices, properties, comparison of these devices (Cellular IoT, LPWAN)


IoT with Microsoft Azure


•    What is Cloud and its Infrastructure
•    How IoT and Cloud deployment can create an effective IoT Solution
•    Azure IoT Hub components


Implementing IoT with Azure


•    Register your Raspberry Pi on Azure IoT Hub
•    Send and Receive messages from Raspberry Pi over Azure IoT Hub
•    Create Storage account and dock a container
•    View Data On-premise with Azure Storage Explorer
•    Configure Web App settings for Data Visualization


Remote Monitoring


•    Plan how to customize a solution to meet specific requirements
•    Create a service bus namespace and add a queue to it
•    Add an endpoint and a routing rule to your IoT hub
•    Create, configure, and test a logic app


Edge Computing and Analytics


•    Data Analytics
•    Edge Computing
•    Azure IoT Edge
•    Azure IoT Edge Components
•    Azure IoT Edge Architecture
•    Real-Time Analytics

Complimentary sessions on communication presentation and leadership skills.

Benefits from the course

Mode of Teaching

Live Interactive

  • nternet of Things is considered the next big technology revolution after the invention of the Internet. According to Cisco, over 50 million devices are expected to be connected to IoT by 2020.
  • Healthcare, Logistics, Aviation, Education, Information Technology name any thing and IoT will become an integral part of all these verticals. Internet of Things is believed to bring about the singularity which will ultimately converge into becoming the Internet of Everything.
  • IoT Certification Training will help the Student to Become an IoT Developer. It will also acquaint the student on:
  • Architecting an IoT Solution
  • Programming Sensors
  • IoT Networking Protocols
  • Azure IoT Hub and its services
  • Working with REST APIs
  • Data Analytics in IoT
  • IoT Business Designer




  • ​Linux Fundamentals
  • Basic Python Programming
  • Working Knowledge of Azure IoT Hub and Azure Storage
  • For all the above requirements, you will get complimentary self-paced tutorials.


  • Linux Fundamentals.
  • Basic Python Programming.
  • Working Knowledge of Azure IoT Hub and Azure Storage.
  • For all the above requirements, you will get complimentary self-paced tutorials.

Course Duration:

30 Hours

Class Hours:

2 Hours Day time slots or 3 Hours week end Slots (May change)

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