Java, J2EE & SOA Certification Training

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Introduction to Java

  • Introduction to Java

  • Bytecode

  • Class Files

  • Compilation Process

  • Data types, and Operations

  • if conditions

  • Loops – for

  • while and do while

Data Handling and Functions


  • Arrays - Single Dimensional and Multidimensional arrays

  • Functions

  • Function with Arguments

  • Function Overloading

  • The concept of Static Polymorphism

  • String Handling - String

  • StringBuffer Classes

Object Oriented Programming in Java

  • OOPS in Java: Concept of Object Orientation

  • Attributes, and Methods

  • Classes and Objects

  • Methods and Constructors – Default Constructors and Constructors with Arguments

  • Inheritance

  • Abstract

  • Final

  • Static

Packages and Multi Threading

  • Packages and Interfaces

  • Access Specifiers: Public, Private, Protected and Package

  • Exception Handling: Try, Catch, Finally, Throw and Throws

  • Multi-Threading: Runnable Interface, Extending a Thread Class, Synchronization in Threads

Java Collections

  • Wrapper Classes and Inner Classes: Integer, Character, Boolean, Float etc

  • Applet Programs: How to write UI programs with Applet, Java.lang,, Java.util

  • Collections: ArrayList, Vector, HashSet, TreeSet, HashMap, HashTable


  • Introduction to XML

  • Writing XML files

  • DOM Parser – Writing into an XML file and Parsing an XML file

  • SAX Parser, XSL


  • Introduction to SQL: Connect, Insert, Update, Delete, Select

  • Introduction to JDBC and Architecture of JDBC

  • Types of Drivers: Type 1/2/3/4 drivers

  • Insert/Update/Delete/Select Operations using JDBC

  • Batch Processing Transaction

  • Management: Commit and Rollback


  • Introduction to Web Technologies

  • Type of Servlets: Generic and Http Servlet

  • Request Dispatchers: Forward and Include

  • 4 types of Session Tracking and Filters


  • Introduction to JSP

  • Architecture of JSP

  • tags (Scripts, declarative, expression)

  • Implicit objects

  • JSP Directives

  • JSP and JDBC


  • Introduction to Hibernate

  • Architecture of Hibernate

  • Database Operations: Insert/Update/Delete/Select

  • Inheritance

  • Collections

  • HQL and Restrictions

  • Caching in Hibernate


  • Introduction to Spring Framework

  • Architecture

  • Display a Sample Message

  • IoC Containers

  • Bean Definition

  • Bean Scopes

  • Bean Post Processors

  • Dependency Injection Auto-Wiring

Spring, Ajax and Design Patterns

  • Aspect Oriented Programming (AOP)

  • Integrating Spring framework with Hibernate

  • Transaction Management

  • Ajax Framework and Design Patterns: DAO, DTO, MVC

  • Intercepting filters

  • Front Controller

  • Business Delegate


  • Introduction to SOA

  • SOA Architecture

  • Business layer of SOA

  • Advantages of SOA

  • What is Contract

  • Address, and Binding in SOA

  • Composition of Service

  • Relation between SOA and Web Services

Web Services and Project

  • Introduction to Web Services

  • WSDL file

  • WSDL and UDDI

  • SOAP, RESTfulWeb Service

  • JAX-WS Implementation

Complimentary sessions on communication presentation and leadership skills.

Benefits from the course

Mode of Teaching

Live Interactive

  • Java is a general-purpose, class-based, object-oriented computer programming language that was designed by James Gosling at Sun Microsystems in 1995.Despite having a tough competition on the server side from Microsoft and other companies, Java is doing extremely well on mobile platforms, thanks to Android! It has also been the primary language for Hadoop Developers.
  • Java Certification Training will help you to become a Java expert. It will hone your skills by offering you comprehensive knowledge of Java Language, and the required hands-on experience for solving real-time industry-based Java projects.

During the Java course, you will be trained by our expert instructors to:

  • Develop the code with various Java data types, conditions, and loops
  • Implement arrays, functions and string handling techniques
  • Understand object-oriented programming through Java using Classes, Objects and
  • various Java concepts like Abstract, Final etc.
  • Implement multi-threading and exception handling
  • Use parse XML files using DOM and SAX in Java
  • Write a code in JDBC to communicate with Database
  • Develop web applications and JSP pages
  • Interact with the database using hibernate framework
  • Write code with spring framework components like Dependency Injection and Auto
  • Wiring
  • Implement SOA using web services


  • There is no pre-requisite for this course. Prior exposure to object-oriented programming concepts is not required, but beneficial.

Course Duration:

42 Hours

Class Hours:

2 Hours Day time slots or 3 Hours week end Slots (May change)

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