Microsoft certified Expert: Azure Solutions Architect (AZ-300)

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Introduction to Microsoft Azure and Its Services

•    Azure Subscriptions
•    Azure Resources
•    Azure Free Tier Account
•    Azure Resource Manager
•    Azure Resource Manager Template
•    Azure Storage
•    Types of Azure Storage

Azure Virtual Machines and Networking      

•    Azure Resource Manager Virtual Machine
•    Virtual Machines in ARM Template
•    Overview of Azure Virtual Machine
•    Azure Managed Disks
•    Azure Blob Storage
•    Networking in Azure
•    Subnets, NIC, NSG, IP Addresses, DNS

Azure VMSS and Availability Zones


•    Resiliency
•    Azure Availability Sets
•    Azure Availability Zone
•    Auto scaling
•    Virtual Machine Scale Set
•    Fault Domain
•    Update Domain
•    Load Balancer
•    Application Gateway
•    Azure Disk Encryption


Azure App Services and Its Features

•    Azure App Service Web Apps
•    App Service Security
•    Server less Computing Concepts
•    Function Apps
•    Azure Event Grid
•    Azure Service Bus
•    Azure App Service Logic App
•    Using Shell Commands to create Web App
•    Background Tasks
•    Swagger tool


Advanced Azure Hybrid Connectivity and Site Recovery

•    Hybrid Connectivity
•    VNet S2S VPN
•    VNet Peering
•    Service Chaining
•    Azure VPN Gateway
•    Policy Based Gateway
•    Route Based Gateway
•    Swagger tool
•    Gateway Connections
•    Express Route
•    VNet Routing
•    User Defined Route
•    Border Gateway Protocol

Azure Storage Solution and Design Patterns

•    Azure Architecture Center
•    Cloud design patterns
•    Cache-aside pattern
•    Sharding Pattern
•    Azure SQL DB
•    Azure Elastic Pool
•    Azure Data Lakes
•    Azure Data Factory
•    Azure Cosmos DB

Azure Kubernetes Service

•    Application Environment Components
•    Docker
•    DockerFile
•    Docker Image
•    Azure Container Registry
•    Azure Container Instance
•    Orchestration
•    Azure Kubernetes Service
•    Diagnostics Logs

Azure Active Directory and Role Based Access Control

•    Access Control
•    Role Based Access Control
•    Authentication in applications (certificates, Azure AD, Azure AD Connect, token-based)
•    Multi-factor authentication (MFA)
•    Claims-based authorization
•    Role-based access control (RBAC) authorization
•    End-to-end encryption
•    Azure confidential computing
•    SSL and TLS communications
•    Azure Key Vault
•    Configure Fraud alerts
•    Bypass option, trusted IPs
•    Managed Service Identity
•    Service Principal authentication

Azure Monitoring and Insights Service

•    Azure Monitoring
•    Azure Analytics
•    Azure Alerts
•    Azure Resource Metrics
•    Azure Activity Log
•    Service Health
•    Azure Log Analytics
•    Azure App Insights

Complimentary sessions on communication presentation and leadership skills.

Benefits from the course

Mode of Teaching

Live Interactive

  • IT Professionals who are planning to become Azure Architects
  • Developers/IT Administrators who already have knowledge on Azure
  • Cloud Professionals who are planning to attain Azure Solutions Architect– Expert Badge
  • Cloud Evangelists




  • Foundational knowledge on Cloud Architecture
  • Fundamentals of Cloud Computing
  • Basic understanding of virtualization, networking & databases
  • Proficiency in using Visual Studio IDE, PowerShell and Command-Line Interface
  • Coding experience in C# (.NET Framework) - Optional


  • Foundational knowledge on Cloud Architecture.
  • Fundamentals of Cloud Computing.
  • Basic understanding of virtualization, networking & databases.
  • Proficiency in using Visual Studio IDE, PowerShell and Command-Line Interface.
  • Coding experience in C# (.NET Framework) – Optional.

Course Duration:

30 Hours

Class Hours:

2 Hours Day time slots or 3 Hours week end Slots (May change)

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