Certificate Course in Video Marketing

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• Introduction to video marketing.

• Need of video marketing.

• Types of marketing videos- (Demo video, Brand Video, Event Video, Expert Interview, Educational Video, Explainer video, Animated Video, Case Study and Customer Testimonial Videos, live Video, Virtual Reality Videos, Augmented Reality (AR) Videos, Personalized Messages).

• Making of video to Business- (Planning, scripting, understanding, setting, preparing, Shooting, organizing, Editing, Choosing Music, record).

• Video Hosting Platforms.

• Use Video throughout the Flywheel- 9 Attract, convert, close, Delight). YouTube Ads

• Introduction to YouTube Ads.

• YouTube Advertising- (The Basics, Create Your First Campaign, Know Your Target Audience, Benefits).

• YouTube dash board, how to create a YouTube channel, how to upload video in YouTube.

• YouTube advertising. • Video search engine optimization, how to insert keywords, best keyword usage, YouTube keyword planner.

• How to monetize the channel.

• YouTube analytics, AdSense retention.

• Vimeo, AdSense, Audio and video production.

• Tools YouTube video formats-(TrueView ads, Non-skippable video ads,

Bumper ads).

• Set up video ads on YouTube, YouTube non- video ad formats-(

Overlay ads, display ads, Cards and Sponsored cards).

• YouTube ad specs, Best practice for YouTube ads


• Introduction to Video Ads Basic.

• Decide Video Creation- (Product Demonstration Videos, Consumer Testimonial or Review Videos, Educational or Instructional Videos, Behind-the- Scenes Videos).

• Identify Your Target Audience.

• Script Out Your Video Marketing Ads

• Create a Storyboard and a Shot List.

• Create a Filming Schedule.

• Pick Your Filming Equipment- (Great video ads, Camera, Audio, Lighting, Extras). • Film Your Ad, Editing Your Ad- (Dialogue Speed Matters, get to the Punch Line, Choose the Right Music


• Introduction to Targeting in Digital marketing.

• Types of Targeting- (Inventory targeting, User targeting).

• Types of segmentation strategies- (Demographic, Behavioral, Day parting, Designed Market Area, Retargeting, Product- related, Data).

• Targeting Technologies- (Tracking user activity, Best practices targeting, Retargeting).

• Need to Target Your Audience- (Target Audience Analogy, Importance of Targeting Your Audience Online).

• Use Audience Targeting In Digital Marketing- (Paid Media Targeting, Content Creation, Website Messaging, Content Sharing, Audience targeting


• Introduction to Placement Targeting.

• Benefits of placement targeting.


• Introduction to cost & conversions- (Overhead cost, Direct Labor, importance of cost conversion,).

• Quality score.

• Relation between quality score and cost Per Click. Remarketing

• Introduction to remarketing.

• How does it work.

• Types of Remarketing Campaigns- (Search, Display, Video, Social).

• Remarketing and Existing marketing.

• Advantages of remarketing.

• Improve marketing campaigns.

• Remarketing Strategies

Complimentary sessions on communication presentation and leadership skills.

Benefits from the course

Mode of Teaching

Live Interactive

 Increasing your efficiency

 Enhancing your skills and a Wide Range of Career Options

 Expanding your knowledge and Creativity

 Discover the Professional in You

 Better Salary (Most Fascinating Advantage of Digital Marketing Course)

 Embark your own Career

 Cost-Efficient and Time-savvy

 Digital Marketing Certifications Have Become the Industry Standard


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