Digital Compositing for VFX

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Course at a Glance (120 Hours)

Syllabus (100 Hours)

Adobe PHOTOSHOP (30 Hours)


  • Introduction to Photoshop, Graphical user interface, Color theory, filling colors in canvas, masking,  Layers, Brushes, color correction, Gradient, Blending modes, Layer style, clone, Heal and Patch, Vanishing point, Digital panting, Filter effects, multilayer compositing, file formats, matte painting, using quick mask tool, photo retouching, redeye, working with pen tool, Creating Straight & Curved Paths, Creating Combo Paths, Creating a Clipping Path, creating special effects, Getting Started with Photoshop Filters, Saving for Web & Devices, Printing Options, Exporting the Photoshop works


Adobe PREMIERE (20 Hours)

  • Navigate Premiere Pro, Create and open projects, Work with files, Import media into Premiere Pro, Organize your media once  it's imported, Use the Timeline for video and audio tracks, Edit tracks in the Timeline, Create sequences and nested sequences, Create and work with keyframes, Add transitions, Add animation and other effects, Use the color-  correction tools

Foundry NUKE (50 Hours)


  • The Nuke Interface, Navigating the interface, Building Node Graphs, Creating keyframes, The Curve Editor, Transformations and Animation, Keyframe animation, Creating animated elements, Rotoscoping basics, Nuke’s color management, Color correcting composites, Masking operations, Tracking and Match moving, One point tracking, Two-point tracking, Four-point tracking, Advanced Rotoscopy with live-action footage, Roto for the human body, Multi-pass CG compositing, Projecting texture maps, Rendering 3D scenes, Production Workflows, Adding a 3D background to a CG render, Camera projection, Set extension, Camera Tracking, Converting point clouds to meshes, Getting 3D information to the 2D composite, How to do planar tracking, How to use planar tracking results, Set extension using point cloud data and camera projection, Time Remapping, Creating point clouds from CG renders, Planar Tracking, Advanced Multi-pass CG compositing with different files, Advanced EXR Compositing.


Project (10 Hours):


  • Each student has to complete a Major Project work related to real applications based on the professional competency acquired during the training.


Portfolio (10 Hours):  

  • Each student has to submit a Portfolio associated with the course based on a theme. The portfolio should cover all the major contents in the course modules  



  • The certificate will be issued by Kerala State RUTRONIX, Thiruvananthapuram.

Benefits from the course:


  • Job opportunities are excellent  and the job roles are  Compositor, Match-Moving Artist, Roto-Artist, Paint Artist, Video Editor, Motion Graphics Artist, Designer Etc.

Pre Requisites:

  • Students with Plus Two and above

  • Working Professionals with SSLC and above

  • Computer knowledge is desirable, but not essential

Features of the Course

  1. Method of Study: Live Interactive Fully Practical Oriented Skill Training

  2. Course Duration: 1Month 50 (36+14) Hours, 2 Hours/Day   (Monday-Saturday)

  3. Well experienced Industry Trained Faculty

  4. Depth Coverage of UNITY Software

  5. System Requirement: I5 Processor, 8/16 GB RAM, 1TB HDD,      with 2 GB Graphics card

  6. Other Requirements: Speaker/Headphone

Mode of Teaching

Live Interactive

Course Fee

Rs.36,000/- + Taxes

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