Gaming Internship

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Course at a Glance (50 Hours)

Syllabus (36)Hours

Exploring the Unity User Interface 

  • Project window – scene view – hierarchy window – inspector window – toolbar – game view


Using Game Objects and Assets 

  • Asset workflow – profiler overview – plugins – asset bundles – upgrade guide – importing


Managing Projects and Assets 

  • Making folders – Making prefab - shaders


Preparing Assets for Implementation 

  • Direction Light – camera option – empty game object – parent and child relationship – prefab


Assembling the Game Level 

  • Rigid bodies – colliders – edit – properties


Lighting in Games 

  • Directional light – point light – spotlight – Area light – ambient light-emissive materials 


Animating Game Objects in the Unity Editor 

  • Animation system – animation clips – animation controllers 


Bringing Animations into the Game 

  • animation reference – playable API 


Scripting In Game Development 

  • Overview – tools – event system – job systems


Object-Oriented Game Programming 


Implementing Navigation and Path Finding 

  • Overview – Nav Settings – event system – Mesh Arrangements


Creating Particle Systems 

  • Fx creation – time lapse


Adding Audio to Game Levels 

  • Audio arrangements


Building the Camera and Player Section System

  • Overview – using more than one camera – physical camera – occlusion culling – dynamic resolutions


Designing User Interfaces for Games 

  • UI Elements – IMGUI (Immediate Mode GUI)


Building and Deploying the Game 

  • Scene arrangements – the selection of platform – adjusting options


Preparing For Mobile Development 

  • Overview – adjusting options


Project (14 Hours):


        Every student has to submit a capstone project as a part of the internship. It is expected to work 50-60 hours by doing practical assignments and the industry-relevant project work.

Target Learners:         


         This course is designed for Professional students (Engg/ Diploma/ BCA/ Bsc & MSc (CS)/ MCA ) who has Passion to be a part of the growing employment opportunity sector  by  understanding the concepts and design and development of Gaming applications

Internship Outcome: 


  • Thorough coverage  on the popular Virtual Programming Language-UNITY (Industry-standard Free Software)

  • A project in Gaming, Which can be transformed into a final year Project work for those who would like to work in highly paid jobs or want to initiate start-up companies or to do freelance jobs.



The certificate will be issued by Kerala State RUTRONIX, Thiruvananthapuram


Features of the internship:

  1. Method of Study: Live Interactive Fully Practical Oriented Skill Training

  2. Course Duration: 1Month 50 (36+14) Hours, 2 Hours/Day (Monday-Saturday)

  3. Well experienced Industry Trained Faculty

  4. Depth Coverage of UNITY Software

  5. System Requirement: I5 Processor, 8/16 GB RAM, 1TB HDD, with 2 GB Graphics card

  6. Other Requirements: Speaker/Headphone 

Mode of Teaching

Live Interactive

Video Clip