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Introduction to Website Planning and Creation using WordPress

  • Learn about Networks and Internet

  • Network Protocols

  • Internet Protocol (IP) Address

  • World Wide Web (WWW)

  • Web Page

  • Learn about Web Browser and Web Server


Learn about Website

  • Types of Website

  • Important and advantages of website

  • Website creating languages

  • Website creating Platforms


Domain name and Web Hosting

  • Different Web hosting services

  • How to buy Domain name and Hosting Space


Introducing WordPress

  • Getting into WordPress

  • Understanding the common terms

  • Why choose WordPress?

  • Getting to know the WordPress family

  • Feature of WordPress


Getting started with Wordpress

  • The two worlds of WordPress – the difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org

  • Getting and installing WordPress

  • The wp-admin panel

  • Basic settings of WordPress

  • Creating blog content

  • WordPress admin conventions

  • Posting on your blog

  • Discussion on your blog – comments

  • Adding and managing categories


Pages, media, and importing/exporting content

  • Pages

  • Media library

  • Importing/exporting content


Plug-in - what they are and why you need them

  • Breaking down plugins – what are they?

  • Installing a plugin – how to go about this

  • The must-have pack of plugins


Build a Professional website with WordPress (Demo)



Setup an Online forum using WordPress


Complimentary sessions on communication presentation and leadership skills.


Mode of Teaching

Live Interactive

Self Paced

Benefits from the course

  • Increasing your efficiency

  • Enhancing your skills

  • Expanding your knowledge

  • Providing self-paced training

  • Making it convenient to work from your computer

  • Build your website using WordPress without any programming or design experience.

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